1. What are the exact dates of the program?

The exact dates of the TRT program vary from park to park. TRTs will be required to complete 160 hours of effort for their final project and an additional 60-80 hours of other activities. Overall, the program lasts 4-8 weeks, but this varies by park.

2. Are any living or travel expenses paid?

All TRTs receive a stipend to help cover travel costs or living expenses while participating in the program. The stipend will be distributed at the end of the summer once the TRT has completed all components of the program.

3. Is housing available in the parks?

Housing varies from park to park. Some parks have on site housing and some do not. Please contact the park you are interested in for more information.

4. Can teachers take their families?

Space for families varies from park to park. Please contact the park you are interested in for more information.

5. What types of projects are expected?

Projects vary depending on the needs and interests of the park and teacher. Projects may include applied STEM education materials and activities, review of park education materials, and National History Day projects. For a more complete list of project ideas please see previous teachers’ projects on our “Resources” page.

6. When are projects due?

Projects are due by September 1st.

7. Is there Internet access in all the parks?

Internet access varies by park, but most parks have it. Please note that access to the internet is required for the UCD online courses to earn graduate credit.