Receive Graduate Credit

Receive Graduate Credit

All TRTs will register for the online graduate course and be required to complete the reading and discussion requirements. The 160-hour project and lesson plan produced by the TRTs will be used as assignments for the purpose of the graduate course. University of Colorado at Denver (CU Denver) will provide instruction and evaluation of the TRTs projects and assignments. The online graduate course will require approximately 45 hours of participant time including reading assignments, online discussion, interaction with course instructor and classmates, and completion of course assignments.

TRTs can opt to continue their studies with CU Denver and earn up to six additional graduate credit hours at their own expense resulting in a nine-credit hour graduate certificate in place-based education.

Enrollment for the course is easy. For the summer course CU Denver will provide each candidate with login information to the portal where they will be working on their project over the summer. During the summer CU will help the TRT’s get applied to CU as a non-degree seeking student and also help them get registered for the credit they will receive.

Any student that would like to complete the Place Based Education certificate will need to apply as a non-degree seeking continuing education student, and CU can provide information on how to register for the certificate courses.

This online course will support your experience working within the National Park and assisting rangers (the TRT experience). You will collect and share content, artifacts, and experiences on a group interactive site. You will also complete a short video journal log for your classroom and create a park based project as determined by you and the park you are working in.

If you have any questions about the online modules and/or graduate credit option please contact the University of Colorado Denver at