Receive Graduate Credit

ALL TRTs may access the University of Colorado Denver online modules for a $20 one-year user fee. Access includes all of the graduate course content including assignments, videos, posted documents, web links, and readings as well as the discussion threads. You can sign-up for online access and pay the $20 fee here. After you pay you will receive an email with instructions to set up a username and password in the Haiku system.

TRTs interested in also earning 3-graduate credits for the course (syllabus) will need to do the following in addition to the information above:

This online course will support your experience working within the National Park and assisting rangers (the TRT experience). You will collect and share content, artifacts, and experiences on a group interactive site. You will also complete a short video journal log for your classroom and create a park based project as determined by you and the park you are working in.

A 3-course certificate is being developed to build on the multidisciplinary experiential learning taking place this summer in the parks. TRTs who register for summer course credit will receive more information about the certificate in the fall.

If you have any questions about the online modules and/or graduate credit option please contact the University of Colorado Denver at